Break the Gridlock

For years the term “gridlock” has been applied to Congress and our government.

The Republican party has railed against “gridlock” for the last twenty years. They said, “If you just get us the House and Senate, we can finally do the work our country needs.” When we did that, nothing happened. Then they said, “Now just give us the Presidency, and we can finally do the work our country needs.”

Now that the Republicans have the House, the Senate and the Presidency, gridlock remains. Common sense policies remain on the back burner, replaced by “caution,” inaction, bickering with each other and the other side, and political correctness.

Our feeling is that the leadership in Congress is fine with gridlock. They like having talking points they can use to raise money for their reelection campaigns.

We finally have a President who is willing to take action to turn our country back to prosperity and safety, but he doesn’t have the support he needs from his own party.

We need a new wave of Conservative candidates who can wash out the RINOs and challenge the Democrat/Progressives in all levels of public service.

But who will run?

It used to be the only people who could run for office were either captives of one of the two parties – dependant on their support, or so wealthy they could start up their own campaigns. With the new technologies of social media, crowdfunding and graphics/video production, running a successful campaign is now an option for exceptional Americans who aren’t rich.

Red America Consulting is a group of political experts who know the new ways to run a campaign that don’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started.

We know how to build award-winning websites that generate action and involvement, how to use the latest fundraising platforms to support campaigns, and how to make social media multiply your message. We can help organize everything, from grassroots supporters, to local staff and campaign accounting.

But most importantly we guide the strategy of the campaign, from developing a winning campaign message to speech writing, public relations to debate preparation. The best organization in the world won’t win an election unless there’s a well-delivered message that inspires and energizes the voters.

We’ll even work with candidates AFTER they win to help them focus on their new job, instead of the tedium of never-ending campaigning.

Help us change our country by…

  • finding exceptional candidates who want to serve their neighbors in public office,
  • supporting our candidates financially, or
  • sharing our movement on social media.


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