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Facebook Blocks 88 Million Users From Christian Conservative’s Posts

After Facebook blocked more than 88 million people from Steven Andrew’s conservative and pro-Christian posts, the mild-mannered pastor decided to fight back by creating a powerful pro-American social media network. It’s called USA.Life, and “people are signing up as soon as they hear the news,” he said.

“They are tired of worrying that their private information is being sold to politicians, big corporations, and even foreign countries,” Andrew said. He reports that Conservatives love finding out they have an alternative to having their posts censored by Facebook and Twitter. The new social network hopes to launch late this summer.

“USA.Life is safer than Facebook and Twitter, because we don’t spy on people,” he said, “and we don’t control which of their friends’ posts they can see.”

Turns out Andrew is a leading Silicon Valley Internet software expert, who has led Fortune 500 projects for Cisco, Better Homes and Gardens, Stanford, Sega and others over the last 30 years. He will use his software and Internet skills to manage the building of USA.Life, he says, “So people are safe, strong and blessed.”

“Right after the election, Facebook censorship was massive, blocking more than 98 percent of my reach,” he said. “That means 4.9 million people per month are missing content they asked to see.” Congressional testimony found that Facebook increased censorship after President Trump was elected. Facebook showed Andrew’s posts to 97,685 people last month, but Andrew has almost half a million followers.

Over the last two years, Andrew estimates that millions of people have missed hearing his positive messages about God and ways to strengthen their lives, and the financial loss of donations are likely in the millions of dollars.

He is also developing a new search engine called 1776Free.com. Instead of a globalist and progressive bias that skews results to promote negative information about conservative causes and Christians, the site will use a “Pro-America Algorithm” that “promotes the values of our Founding Fathers while uniting the nation.”

Andrew’s crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded $150,000 of the $778,000 needed in order to fund and launch the project. New members are joining USA.Life every day to get the best usernames and to receive project updates.

“These two sites will dramatically increase the sharing of conservative news that has been suppressed by the social media giants. You and your family will be able to trust the Internet again.” said Andrew. “If 65,000 people gave just $10, or 6,500 people gave $100, we can move forward and dramatically increase the sharing of conservative news that has been suppressed by the social media giants. You and your family will be able to trust the Internet again.” said Andrew.

Andrew gives a detailed overview, provides an assessment of the risks and answers frequently asked questions at USA.Life.

He is seeking donations and is even offering a generous “Thank You Bonus” for people willing to spread the word about his new project. “People pay fund-raising companies to help with projects, why shouldn’t I pay regular Americans who are willing to help me?”

For more information on the project, to make a donation, or to help raise funds as an affiliate, click here.

The Red America Mission

In 2016, the anti-establishment, conservative, citizen candidate won the Presidency with 2,626 of 3,141 U.S. counties, compared to 487 won by his opponent. This is Red America.

Extraordinary candidates seeking public office who consider their reason for running is to help their country and not themselves can change America forever, despite the media, the money and the lies.

Politics in the United States are more divided than ever. But in addition to being Democrat vs. Republican, we see an even greater gap between the people and the established parties. The two parties both quest for power for themselves and their donors, while average citizens are left to fend for themselves.

The reason is that the Democrats and Republicans hold the keys to office. It’s too expensive and time-consuming for an unaffiliated citizen to run. Who can afford to hire campaign staff, develop websites, do fund-raising, and run a campaign without the help of one of the political parties?

Red America Consulting seeks to level the playing field between the extraordinary concerned citizen who wants to help his or her community by seeking public office. Social media and the Internet have leveled the playing field. The fact that the large majority of the voting public distrusts the media and the two political parties means that there has never been a better time to run for office. It also means that traditional and expensive campaign methods are no longer required. An honest, articulate candidate can upset the “favorite” with a clear and uplifting message.

Taking on public office is not for everyone. You need to be extraordinary with special talents and skills that will make you successful in serving your fellow citizens. If you are one of those people, please learn more about the services we offer and how to get started.

Maxine Waters Blames Trump for Eclipse

POXNewz, 8/21/2017 2:31pm

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was in rare form during a House Financial Services Committee hearing today when she accused President Donald Trump of causing the solar eclipse.

Waters insisted that Trump is to blame, claiming “that horrible man has arranged for the sun to be blotted out from the sky!” When asked why Trump would do such a thing she replied, “I don’t know. But he’s a horrible, evil man and I’m sure he’s behind the whole thing!”