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Governor Jerry Brown and the politicians in California have passed Senate Bill 54, known as the Sanctuary State Law. We are all now in grave danger from people who are here illegally and are committing crimes against United State Citizens. I’m in the process of suing the State of California for an injunction to stop this dangerous law. We all know that California has been the testing ground for so many laws, and if this is not stopped now, this law could spread throughout the United States.

I am asking for you support to help support my family and me while this battle is fought. I need your support for attorneys’ fees during this long process. This fight will more than likely have to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court. I’m just one citizen who works for a living, paycheck to paycheck, and I can’t do this alone.

Together we will win. The Constitution guarantees our protection under the law and it’s sad that we have to remind the politicians that they answer to “we the people,” not the other way around.

I have also decided to run for the office of Governor of California as an Independent. If I can’t win in court, my first act as the new Governor will be to repeal the Sanctuary State law.

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Thank you,
Andy Blanch