Candidate Application

You’re considering running for public office? Great!

Please review the questions below and be ready to share your responses with us. Thinking about this carefully in advance could save a lot of time, money and heartache.

Everyone is going to ask you, “Why are you running?”
Think. What do you hope to accomplish in the position? Why is it important to you? Why are you doing this now at this stage of your life?

How much time can you commit to this project?
Working with the team at Red America Consulting will save you a lot of time, but we expect the time you save to be used doing things only a candidate can do. Being a candidate will dominate your life for the length of the campaign. You’ll need to think about your current job and also discuss this fully with your family.

Are you OK asking people for their time and their money?
Some people are shy asking people for volunteer time or to give them money. But if your reason for running will benefit your constituents in a significant way, sharing it clearly and concisely will be a lot easier.

Are you comfortable with public speaking?
We’ll be helping and coaching you in this area, but if talking to people, either one on one, or in a larger setting such as a public speech or debate sounds worse than a visit to the dentist, this might not be for you.

How do you do under pressure?
Can you keep your cool in difficult situations? What if your debate opponent says something offensive? How would you react to an angry crowd or a heckler at a public event? We’ll help you with these kinds of issues, but we may have a problem if you tend to fly off the handle under stress.

Can you take advice?
At Red America Consulting, our job is to work with you on all levels of your campaign. Our feedback will be honest, but respectful. Your willingness to work with our team in a give and take atmosphere is an essential trait. You will always have final say on decisions, but you’re paying for advice and counsel, so you should be willing to get your money’s worth.

Think about your experience.
Consider your personal and work history and how it shows how you’ll be a good candidate and a good office holder. In your personal life, what makes you special or different from others who may be running and why is this political position important to you? For work, what similar positions have you had? Why do you think you are most qualified?

How are your leadership and decision-making skills?
Holding political office sounds like a lot of fun, and it can be. But it’s also a lot of hard work with difficult decisions that affect people’s lives. Do you have the experience and willingness to make hard choices when needed?

Are you willing to be put under a microscope?
Face it, your opponents and the press will be looking for anything negative in your past or current life. You must be willing to work with us and disclose some very personal details in a confidential setting. You may find it necessary to go public with some negative or embarrassing personal information. The good news is that disclosing these issues in advance with the public will often make you a more appealing candidate, and full disclosure with us means we won’t be going through a campaign wondering if something will pop up at the last minute we’re not prepared for.

So think this through very carefully. Once we hear from you we’ll ask you to share your responses to these questions with us in writing. Having both parties know in advance what to expect will make for an outstanding working relationship and a successful campaign!

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