Leadership Team

This is the page where leadership can post and discuss various issues as needed.

Issues at this time…

We need to recruit new staff personally via email, phone and facebook messaging.

We need to recruit new candidates personally via email, phone and facebook messaging.

We need all sorts of legal advice about setting up the company, and issues relating to using people as contractors.

We need legal advice about fundraising for candidates. Are https://www.crowdpac.com/start-running or www.gofundme.com possible options?

Staff positions should be filled 3-4 people deep with people we know.

We need to decide how our system will work in terms of selecting staff, how tasks are posted and how staff is paid. When we first connect with someone, should we ask what they’d like to be paid per hour? Should we post the number of hours needed and a rate per hour for each task? Or have the staffer respond with questions and have THEM estimate the amount of time needed? Would we then respond with a price quote? Sounds kind of complicated to me.

When someone applies as a possible staffer, we’ll need to review their resume, ask around to see who knows them, and explain our policies. When we bring them on board we’ll need to add them as a user at the appropriate level.

What do we need to do differently for interns? Are they looking for college credit for helping, or just letters of recommendation for jobs well done?

We need a vetting process for candidates.

Should we create a “Do you know” page for possible staff, interns and candidates so that our existing staff can share their feedback on people they know?

We need to post a staff list somewhere once people are added. Should that be accessible to only leadership, or leadership and staff? Name, email, facebook name, phone number, what else?

Bigger issue: We should stay in touch with various special interest groups where we have contacts. For example, if the NRA wants to get involved they might look over our candidates and offer some bucks to support the ones who are friendliest to the 2nd A.

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