Do I Need to Use Twitter?

Twitter is one of those things that you either love or hate. It’s as familiar as your phone, or as alien as… an alien.

But it is very useful, and worth learning about so you can use it effectively.

Twitter users are uniquely active in shaping public opinion – journalists, activists, and political junkies. They can take your message and spread it widely.

It also has the benefit of being immediate. When a story breaks, a quick Twitter comment can be effective damage control by getting your side of the issue in public. Often local media will check your Twitter account before running a story to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

But you also have to be extremely careful. Anything you say on Twitter is forever. If you say something stupid or insensitive, your opponents will hound you with it until the race is over.

On the other hand, monitoring your opponents tweets can lead to some great opportunties – either to point out THEIR mistakes, or to poke fun at some of their more questionable positions and put them on the defensive.

Make sure you get expert advice on all aspects of using Twitter. Using links, video links, images and the proper hashtags can make your “tweets” much more successful and effective.

You can also use Twitter as a testing method for various issues and phrasings – craft a message and then see how many retweets and favorites result. You can also collect valuable insight into what people are thinking about you and your campaign and be aware of problems you need to be prepared to address.

At Red America Consulting, we will train you how to use Twitter and how to garner the best results.

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