Making Direct Mail More Effective

Direct mail seems antiquated in these days of email, facebook and twitter, but, if used properly, can be very effective at fundraising, getting out the vote, and carrying your message directly to your best voters.

Your first priority is to get the envelope opened. 75% ends up in the trash, so start with the outside. The key is to be unique. Experiment with anything that is different than a standard #10 white envelope.

Personalize the outside using different color inks, handwriting font, or actual volunteer handwriting.

ASK for a contribution or volunteer time. Often. Be specific about what you need and why. Will the money be used for a radio or TV ad? What do you need volunteers to do?

Keep your message short and highlight and accent the important parts. Use photos, be creative.

Get your readers to reply. Ask for information or feedback. They’re more likely to include a check!

Use real stamps. Make it look important, official, or personal. Anything that keeps your letter from looking like junk mail helps.

The staff at Red America Consulting will advise and guide you through all your Direct Mail efforts.

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